Our story

Our maker's story
After a long time of struggling with sensitive skin that was prone to flare up with every changing season, i embarked on a journey of self-care and remedy to nourish my skin and body from the inside out. I learnt what holistic self-care encompassed, and decided that it was time to go back to basics to rebuild my health.
I discovered yoga and meditation, and one thing led to another. Since i started applying a holistic self-care routine, my skin irritation decreased, my gut health improved and my immune system was on the mend. State of Mind Apothecary was conceived as a passion project that allowed me to connect with others through the work that i do and products that i create.
Thank for for supporting me, believing that collectively we can make a huge difference together. I hope you enjoy what i offer and for that, I am forever grateful. #gratitude
Our collaborators
We are eternally grateful to our friends who supported us in big and little ways that contributed to the making of this site.
Our photographers can be contacted at:
Main catalog: Lana Stephens, lanastephens@outlook.com.au and Aubrey Lew, @aubreylewproductions
Home page banner: Cameron Perry, @cpphotography_official
Our custom services
From corporate events to birthday parties to weddings, we customise wholesale custom favours to cater to your needs, kindly get in touch with us for more options.